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Short Run Books

We are able to produce short run books. Hand composited, letterpress printed on to any type of paper including handmade. This creates a unique item which when completed, is sent to a specialist bookbinder for finishing.

As compositing by hand is a traditional skill this is not a job that can be rushed. If you have something that requires this type of skill please contact us to discuss.

Letterpress short run bookHand composed book of poetry on Fabriano Umbria paper, letterpress printed as flat sheets,  bound by specialist book binder with addition of colour hand printed page.

Letterpress traditional printed booksPrevious book showing imprint, gatherings and binding.

Letterpress print book - Thirteen poemsHand composed text and letterpress block for title page, handmade paper.

Letterpress Print book - in a silencePrinted poem on speciality paper with gatherings and  stitching for binding.

Letterpress Short run book - poems by Peter WellsTitle page of one of the short run books.

Letterpress Print - hand printed short run booksTwo of the books, limited editions, typical print run between 30 and 50.