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Christmas is Coming

Richard and I have been busy searching our typecases and cupboards for unique type and blocks to create cards to add to our current range of letterpress hand crafted Christmas cards.

The newest arrival to the range is a Christmas Angel based around a block mounted linocut of an angel holding a candle. This linocut was discovered locked in a metal frame (chase) held in place by wooden wedges. The fact it was locked up with wooden wedges suggests it has been around a very long time and its general appearance suggests the same, the carving however is very precise and creates a wonderful image.

We decided to letterpress print the linocut on our usual heavy 400gsm board in a pale blue ink with moderate inking and impression, a) to show the texture and b) to not damage the surface of the linocut. A semi circular shaped Christmas greeting block is letterpress printed around the linocut in silver/grey with handset gill sans type used for the greeting inside and the card title and imprint on the back page printed in black.

The card is featured with others from our Christmas range within the website, including our new ‘Missing S’ card, (see if you can see why it’s called the ‘Missing S’ card). 2015 marks our 185th anniversary and after much head scratching we decided to create a special edition letterpress calendar. Richard had recently discovered an old box of wooden letters which we thought were two separate typefaces under close examination, we were amazed to find they were the same font, one being the main letter and the other creating its shadow effect. The hand carving on these characters is amazing.

It was decided to use Canaletto Acid Free Mould Made Board from R K Burt papermakers in London as it was a special edition calendar. For the days and dates we used reversed out metal type that had not seen the light of day for many a year. Richard’s discovered wooden type was used to create each month and a wooden display rule used to decorate.

The colour scheme was chosen consisting of dark grey for the dates a pastel colour of the main letters and wooden rule with a grey for the shadow effect on the wooden type. The pastel colours followed the seasons of the year with cold blues for the early months passing through greens, yellows and browns through the year with red for December. A cover board was printed with a title in the company colour of maroon and the whole ensemble, wire bound with a notched hanger.

The calendars are now on sale on this website or are available from our printing works, we hope you like them.

If you have your own ideas for a personalised letterpress printed card, then please feel free to get in contact with us on info@cupisletterpress.co.uk.