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2019 Letterpress Calendar

Cover 2019 Calendar

We are pleased to announce the completion of the limited edition Cupiss Letterpress 2019 Calendar. After much thought Richard and I decided to this year use a A4 format with dates in a grid leaving space for writing. The Calendar has the grid pattern Letterpress printed in Grey with 24pt Gill Sans hand composed date figures printed in black with Saturday and Sunday picked out in Red.

Each particular month header uses different wooden fonts dating back over 150 years and is printed in different colours and effects using our Heidelberg 10″ x 15″ Platen. Some months having two colours on the press at the same time to create a merging of colours meaning each Calendar printed is different from the previous or following print, in total there are 65 print passes on each calendar.

The material used is Cyclus Offset 100% Recycled 300gsm Board with a Greyboard backing and Red Antique Cover Paper printed in Silver. The calendars are finished with a notched wire binding with hangar and are available at £15.00 each including VAT plus p&p extra at cost only.

December 2019

February Merged Colour

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The wedding that had everything

Way back in November 2013 we were approached by a client who had her own unique ideas on her wedding stationery for her Easter 2014 Wedding, taking Cupiss Letterpress up avenues in print we had never been before.

The client discussed her designs with us from ‘Save the Date’ to ‘Printed Coasters’ for each guest, each facet of the stationery had to incorporate a specific shade of purple with a smattering of silver where required.

The invitations were created by using a combination of Offset Litho for the basic design with letterpress printed headlines which were then embossed, a silver heart was then hot foiled within the design and the job cut and creased by the use of a letterpress cutting form to create a folder. Three individual information cards descending in size were created to fit in a pocket within the folder, the whole job was finished off with metallic silver envelopes. Continue reading